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What Celebrities are upto?

Erica Mena Says Her Relationship with Bow Wow “Doesn’t Count”

When Erica Mena falls for someone, she falls hard. And when she falls out...


Watch “Braxton Family Values” Season 5 Episode 2

“Braxton Family Values” Season 5 Episode 2 aired on WeTV Thursday...



Watch Britney Spears Sort of Get Her Groove Back at the Billboard Awards

Back in her heyday, Britney Spears was that chick. Ya heard me? Britney had body,...


Watch Rihanna Stun With “Love On the Brain” Performance at the Billboard Music Awards

Rihanna can sing. There, I said it. Some of you people might be scrunching your...


Johnny Depp & Armie Hammer Blame U.S. Critics for “The Lone Ranger” Flopping


Anyone who has seen “The Lone Ranger” will understand why critics thought it was a steaming pile of garbage. Everyone except the stars of the film...


James Deen: Porn Star, Actor and Film Critic

James Deen isn’t just a porn star who sometimes films...


Ben Affleck to Play Batman in “Man of Steel” Sequel, Due Out in 2015

OMG! And can I get a “hell yes?” Ben Affleck, who...


“Black Ink Crew” Season 4 Episode 9 aired on VH1 Monday night (May 30). Dutchess faces a difficult decision when the caterers, guests and supplies for her grand-opening party for Pretty N Ink fall through the day before the event. And later, Donna...

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