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Watch The Weekend Dazzle With Daft Punk at the 2017 Grammys

It’s been said that The Weeknd’s most recent...


Watch Bruno Mars Break Down What He Likes at the 2017 Grammys

If you have a soft spot for late ’80s or early ’90s R&B, then you’ll...


“Britney Ever After” Was an Absolute Disaster and Twitter Could Not Stand It


Once upon a time, Lifetime was pitched and positioned as a network geared to entertaining and/or inspiring women. To be fair, the Lifetime film division has...


Debbie Reynolds Cause of Death: How Did Carrie Fisher’s Mother Die?

Debbie Reynolds, iconic actress, singer and entertainer, died...


Cinnabon Deletes & Apologizes for Carrie Fisher Tribute After Facing Backlash on Twitter

Tributes in honor of Carrie Fisher have poured in since her...


Ricky Harris Cause of Death: How Did the Actor/Comedian Die?

With just a few days left, 2016 has taken another one. Actor...


WATCH: Despicable Me 3 Trailer Introduces 80s-Obsessed Villain & New Couple “Grucy”

The first official trailer for Despicable Me 3 was released...


During the three years I’ve spent researching and writing about shyness, one of the most common questions people ask is about the relationship between shyness and technology. Are the internet and the cellphone causing our social skills to atrophy?...

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