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What Celebrities are upto?

Watch “Black Ink Crew” Season 5 Episode 12

“Black Ink Crew” Season 5 Episode 12...


Notorious Morning News Show Pranksters Back At It Again As Fake Strongmen

Anyone who works on an early morning, local news show knows it’s not...



LaVar Ball and Stephen A. Smith Get Into Intense Shouting Match: “Something Is Wrong With You!”

LaVar Ball has become well-known recently for a number of ridiculous claims about...


Watch “The Quad” Season 1 Episode 8

“The Quad” Season 1 Episode 8 aired on BET...


“I Resent That I Have to Prove I’m Black”: Daniel Kaluuya, ‘Get Out’ Star, Opens Up About His Experiences With Race


The lead actor in a movie about the black experience in white America says he is tired of having to “prove” his blackness. Daniel Kaluuya, star of the hit...


“Britney Ever After” Was an Absolute Disaster and Twitter Could Not Stand It

Once upon a time, Lifetime was pitched and positioned as a...


Debbie Reynolds Cause of Death: How Did Carrie Fisher’s Mother Die?

Debbie Reynolds, iconic actress, singer and entertainer, died...


Cinnabon Deletes & Apologizes for Carrie Fisher Tribute After Facing Backlash on Twitter

Tributes in honor of Carrie Fisher have poured in since her...